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£1 million sports fund announced to provide free sports class for nurseries in England.

In an aim to combat the effects of the pandemic, a £1 million sports fund has been launched to provide every child attending nursery in England, the opportunity to have free sports and activity class.

The £1 million early years sports fund has been created by Super Star Sport UK, to provide funding to children attending nurseries in England has the opportunity to take part in a sports and activity session within their childcare setting. Following the inactivity children may have experienced through multiple national lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic, Super Star Sport UK aims to involve as many children in sport as possible.

The early years sports fund (EYSF) has committed to ensuring all of the costs involved are covered ensuring the children at the nursery receive a 45-minute sports and activity lesson at no expense.

Founder of Super Star Sport UK, Angelo Ciccarelli said: “Following the Covid-19 pandemic and multiple national lockdowns, we have seen many early years providers hit financially. We understand the strain they have been through and so wanted to launch a fund that can support them.”

“Not only have the settings been under pressure but many children may have become inactive through the lockdowns affecting their health and wellbeing.” – Angelo Ciccarelli said. “This is why we have launched the early years sports fund which will ensure that children across the country will have the opportunity to get involved in sports and activity classes fully funded for their setting.”

How it works:

Every nursery and preschool in England can apply using an online form. Successful applications will receive a fully funded sports and activity lesson at their setting. The early years sports fund (EYSF) will commit to ensuring 100% of the costs involved are covered which will ensure the children at the setting receive a 45 minute sports and activity lesson for free. To apply for your free 45-minute sport session, please visit https://www.earlyyearssportsfund.co.uk/


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